High Performance 10+ Year Anti-Fouling System

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Strength & Performance

COPPERCOAT uses only copper of over 99% purity - this guarantees the maximum possible production of the powerful anti-fouling agent cuprous oxide.

Tests show that in products using less pure copper, or weaker alloys such as copper nickel, antifouling performance is substantially reduced (due to the slower release rate and lower overall production of cuprous oxide).

COPPERCOAT's average pure copper content when cured is over 83% by volume. Joined by the small particle size, this unique combination allows COPPERCOAT to create and expose more active cuprous oxide to marine fouling than any other product, making it the most potent and copper rich anti-fouling available to the general public.

The proven long-term performance of COPPERCOAT is un-rivaled - as testified by legions of customers now enjoying their 12th 13th and 14th season of protection!

COPPERCOAT is increasingly used by professional racers. The hard, metallic epoxy coating can be burnished with fine 'wet and dry' paper to achieve an incredibly smooth and fast finish.

How It works

On immersion, sea water attacks the exposed pure copper powder causing the formation of cuprous oxide. This highly effective antifouling agent deters growth until the surface degrades further to become cupric hydrochloride. This final copper form is highly unstable, and is washed away by the movement of the yacht, thereby removing any accumulating silt or slime. This automatically reveals a fresh copper rich surface, whereby the process recommences.

With an average thickness of at least 12 mils of COPPERCOAT being applied in a treatment, and a typical corrosion rate of 1/4 mil per year, it is easy to appreciate how this coating offers such long lasting and effective protection. During 2001, Yachting Monthly reported on a yacht that had been treated some 8 years previously. The verdict? "A great success".

Furthermore, the inherent waterproofing qualities of the epoxy ensure that a treatment of COPPERCOAT will help prevent osmosis in fiberglass craft and offer extra protection against corrosion in steel vessels.

With the resin carrier insulating each copper sphere, the final coating is inert and non conductive. Consequently COPPERCOAT does not cause electrolysis problems or cathodic decay in steel or aluminum craft. Sacrificial anodes should be fitted in the usual manner.